Generative AI in Consumer Media & Internet

Thursday, 3 August 2023


We all know that Gen. AI is the most disruptive innovation since the birth of the internet – the question is, what does that mean for your business?

There are an ever-growing number of ways Gen. AI can be deployed in consumer media. These can present valuable opportunities for those to deploy it to their advantage, but it can also pose an existential threat to some businesses unless they act fast.

And, whilst Gen. AI is still in its infancy, in only 18 months time, current issues will largely be ironed out and the landscape will look almost unrecognizable. Those that act strategically and decisively now are set to be the winners.

The specific opportunities and risks thrown up by Gen. AI depend on the characteristics of the business you are in.

We’ve identified 7 critical factors to help you assess the scale and urgency of your challenge, as well as the key questions you should be answering to thrive in the new world of Gen. AI.


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