The forecourt of the future

Tuesday, 8 November 2022


Electric vehicle (EV) adoption across Europe is unstoppable.

The push to protect our environment, from both consumer and industry leaders alike, is driving car manufacturers to go green, and by doing so it’s fuelling an industry revolution.

For fuel station forecourts, this presents great change and opportunity in equal measure.

Forecourts have long been a fixture of our urban landscapes and highways and they can play a significant role in supporting the move to electric.

But they’re going to face a previously unseen business challenge - extensive competition, and some won’t be from conventional players. With more charging options popping up, from the workplace to supermarket car parks, it’s clear forecourts will have to adapt.

For those that do, increased revenue awaits.

EV charging can bring greater margins, alongside additional revenue from increased non-fuel spending as EV drivers experience longer dwell time.

For forecourt owners and investors that start planning now, the future looks exciting.

In our latest report, we look at how the race to net zero is impacting the evolution of EV ownership, the future of charging and what consumers care about most, alongside its impact on forecourts.

We also consider how forecourts can approach their strategy to futureproof business models and embrace the opportunities that lay ahead.

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