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How leading companies are breaking the mould in travel, transport and logistics

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Times have been particularly tough for Travel, Transport and Logistics (TTL) operators, with the profits of leading brands such as Holiday Inn, Hertz and DHL all coming under pressure from recession and structural changes to their industries. But some TTL businesses are consistently outperforming the pack. Through work with clients across this sector, and from our proprietary analysis of approximately 300 TTL businesses worldwide, we have identified a portfolio of strategies – a ‘TTL playbook’ if you will – which can help your business succeed in a competitive market.

Although hotels, car hire and parcels may seem like very different businesses, they and other Travel, Transport and Logistics industries face common challenges.

  • All have complex, capitally-intense inventory to manage: hotel bedrooms, rental cars and empty vans.
  • All are being challenged by the digital revolution, as the shift of both consumer and business customers to digital book channels increases transparency and service expectations.
  • Most have seen the entry of ‘low-cost’ operators, which have pared back their cost base and invested in price
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