James George

Senior Leadership

James joined the business over 20 years ago and has held a number of roles including International Managing Partner, co-head of OC&C’s International Retail Practice and leading the Consumer sector in the London office.

With more than 300 assignments he has been fortunate enough to work with a fascinating variety of clients on diverse and exciting topics.

A common theme that unites his work is an enthusiasm to work from the intellectually stimulating pursuit of robust strategy development through to the practically challenging sharp end of making stuff happen. The beauty of consumer industries is that there is always a very clear arbiter of whether you’ve successfully delivered or not – and you can easily ask them!

Education & Prior Experience

Growing up in a fishing family in Cornwall taught me some important early lessons about the reward from hard work and the importance of capitalising on good times (you never knew when the weather might change ...)

My more formal education took the form of a state school education followed by a Chemistry degree at Oxford University.

Outside of OC&C I maintain an active interest in a number of start up firms which give a great opportunity to learn the practical challenges faced by smaller businesses. Business I am actively involved with include Flatiron Restaurant, Farmison.com, keepmebooked.com and a number of start up software firms.

"Strategy consulting is an ever changing discipline and one where an agile and inquiring mind can be constantly occupied. While the themes that we often explore with our clients are common, the specific challenges are always different and distinct. Our challenge is to balance the intellectual and analytical pursuit of great strategy development with the practical challenges of making real change happen. I feel privileged to be able to advise some of the world’s best business on their gnarliest issues – who wouldn’t?!"

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