Experienced Hire


Our Consultants either begin as an Associate Consultant who has successfully progressed to the next level, an MBA graduate or an experienced hire with several years’ experience in either strategy consulting or another industry. Consultants are well-rounded professionals capable of taking responsibility for, and contributing significantly to, major aspects of projects. Within the OC&C team, you are the Manager's key support as well as coach for more junior colleagues. As a consultant, you take the initiative to support and guide the team towards workable solutions, and you will need to be adept at recognising and addressing their concerns, as well as building strong, mature and mutually beneficial relationships.


If you perform well as a Consultant, or join as an experienced hire with the appropriate background and skillset, you will be given the role of Manager. At this stage you will become closely aligned to a sector of preference. You will be at the very core of the firm, taking the lead on projects and responsibility for the teams that deliver them.

As a day-to-day client-leader, it is arguably your single most important responsibility to develop strong, professional client relations. It is crucial that clients regard you as their trusted adviser and a thought leader in their sector. At the same time, OC&C Partners will be putting their trust in you as a project delivery expert, and will seek your full support in pursuing their commercial goals. Your team members, meanwhile, will view you as their prime source of professional and personal guidance.

Associate Partner

Managers and external hires with sufficient experience will then enter the Associate Partner level, the next step to Partner. Every Associate Partner is a top consultant, albeit one whose skills will continue to develop.

During your tenure, your fields of expertise will become more specialised and clearly defined as you hone your personal profile and core skills. You will work directly with clients at the most senior levels, building close professional relationships, addressing their concerns in the broadest sense, capitalising on commercial opportunities.

You will also be expected to push content-leadership and play your part in growing our international profile: helping build the firm's base of intellectual property by contributing to high quality internal and external publications. With partnership in prospect, Associate Partners are systematically coached, mentored and trained in specific areas identified as key to their strengths and capabilities. The only way is up: we are firmly committed to helping you find your path.


Associate Partners stand for election to Partner and become one of the 70 or so women and men who own and govern the firm.

A Partner is first and foremost a confidant and adviser to our clients. You will develop and maintain relationships built on respect and trust with leaders across the full spectrum of the world's industries and institutions.

As an OC&C Partner, you will by definition be an accomplished, all-round consultant and manager, constantly deploying and developing your expertise through intense dialogue with clients and by being closely involved with your teams' development of solutions. As a co-owner of our firm, you'll also be responsible for contributing fully to its ongoing development and growth; whether in terms of intellectual capital, client networks, people, or capabilities.

We regard partnership as just one more stage in an ongoing process of development that will see you continue to improve your skills - as an adviser, coach and entrepreneur.

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