Mark Blackwell

Senior Leadership

Mark specialises in technology and software, particularly for PE investors.

Mark enjoys working at the intersection of strategy and technology, where technology and innovation opens new, hard to replicate, growth vectors for your business, or the investment you are contemplating. 

Mark works primarily with growth-oriented Private Equity investors, technology and software businesses and leverages his unusual combination of experiences as a strategy consultant, investor and entrepreneur.

Education & Prior Experience

  • Partner & Head of Technology, Australian Strategy Partners
  • Director, EY-Parthenon
  • Startup CTO at Whitecoat
  • LEK
"Businesses today compete on their ability to innovate with technology, particularly software. Exploring that new competitive arena requires both an understanding of how technology could be leveraged, and why it might be valuable."

Related Publications

Tuesday 06 February 2024

Cybersecurity’s next winners – Specialist Service Partners and MSPs/VARS

Cyber security is notoriously high-growth and acyclical so it rightly attracts significant attention from investors. However, the space is increasingly complex and rapidly changing - the goalposts keep moving for traditional business models and while some will come under pressure, others are especially well placed to win going forward.

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